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Army, the armed force of any nation, refers to the total military land force of a country. It includes infantry, armored vehicles, artillery, different support troops and engineers, transportation, medical care and so on. The Army is the branch of US Army.

Every nation has an army comprising of both men and women. However, the training and maintenance differ from country to country. During the First World War, the single-entity of the US Army formed the National Army as the call-up force to fight conflict. This was the Officer/Enlisted Reserve Corps (ERC and ORC) existing simultaneously with the Regular Army.

Today the US Army has two divisions – Regular Army and Army Reserve. All National Guard Members are members of Army Reserve. They have two positions – Guardsman under the authority of State Adjutant General and Army Reserve under Army Human Resource Command authority. Such units are a part of the peacekeeping forces in Kosovo, 2003 invasion of Iraq and the Gulf War.

A ‘Soldier’ is a member of the US Army that has function-based army divisions:-
1. Infantry, Armor, Cavalry and Special forces form the Combat forces.
2. Artillery, Army Aviation, Army Corps of Engineers, Quartermaster Corps, Medical Corps, Transportation Corps, Ordnance Corps, Adjutant General’s Corps, Signal Corps, Intelligence Corps and the Judge Advocate General’s Corps form the Combat support Troops.

The structure of the US Army is as follows:-
1. The four-star level is the general (GEN) field army.
2. The three-star level is the Corps consisting of two or more divisions with organic support brigades headed by Commanders (LTG).
3. Military division Commanders are generally two star levels (MG).
4. A Colonel commands a Brigade/Group.
5. A Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) supported by a Command Sergeant Major/E-9 (CSM) commands a cavalry battalion.
6. A Captain (CPT) supported by a First Sergeant/E-8(1SG) leads artillery units/batteries.
7. A Lieutenant supported by a Sergeant First Class/E-7(SFC) leads Platoon.
8. Staff Sergeants direct sections.
9. Sergeants/E-5(SGT) lead Squads.
10. A Corporal (E-4(CPL) along with a grenadier and two riflemen is the fire team.

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